Achieving A Clear View

Customised service, transparent communication and group cohesion make this cross trade to the USA a unique project.

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BS-Glas is an internationally active company that makes use of the versatile properties and the resulting wide range of possible applications of glass. The focus is on flat glass elements for numerous sectors, including kitchen, bathroom, shop fitting, industry, furniture, picture glass, lighting, architecture and privacy screens. BS-Glas imports glass to the USA for the first time for a large construction site. Since they have their company headquarters in Germany, the goods are manufactured in China and are to be delivered directly from there to the USA, in this case there is a so-called cross trade. In addition, the customer of BS-Glas is based in Austria. The challenge of such transactions lies in the great distance between the actors and the locally applicable regulations for the transport of goods. Added to this is the unknown terrain for the customer and his non-existent local logistics network.


In the past, IFB Germany has already realised other transports for BS-Glas, so that both companies are already familiar with each other for this cross trade. In intensive cooperation, a concept is being developed that includes 3 bookings consisting of 9x20', 6x20' and 5x20' containers. According to plan, the glass is to be shipped by sea freight from Shanghai to Vancouver within approx. 15 days and from there to Indianapolis (Indiana) by rail within 7 to 10 days. The remaining 50 km from the inland terminal to Whiteland (Indiana), the destination, will be done by land freight.

vs Reality

Shortly after loading in Shanghai, the 9x 20' containers of the first booking are unscheduled and taken off board in Busan (Korea) at the request of the shipping company. The reasons for this are the increased volume of shipments before Lunar New Year and the overbooked capacities of the shipping company. The onward journey is delayed by approx. 18 days, which would jeopardise the delivery date for the construction site and entail high additional costs. In order to avoid this and still be able to deliver on the agreed date, alternatives are sought at short notice.

We were in contact with IFB on a daily basis and were kept up to date on the latest developments. If we had any questions, we knew that we could speak to someone personally and that they were working flat out to find a solution.

Managing Director, BS-Glas

In close cooperation with our headquarters in Hong Kong, the onward transport of the containers can be brought forward and takes place after only about 7 days. This required a change in the port of arrival, so that the containers do not arrive in Vancouver, Canada, but in Tacoma, USA. From there, they are transported onwards by rail freight, but to Chicago and not to Indianapolis as originally planned. The remaining 300 km from the inland terminal to the construction site in Whiteland are covered by truck, where the goods arrive on time at the originally planned date.

"We promised BS-Glas customised service at the beginning of our collaboration and have continuously acted in this way ever since. It was important to the whole team that we responded quickly and communicated transparently."

said Arne Bliebenicht, Director Sales Germany.

The learning of the 1st booking is quickly implemented so that the goods for the follow-up deliveries (booking 2 and 3) are shipped directly to Long Beach, Los Angeles. From there, the goods are shipped directly by rail freight to Indianapolis and from there by land freight to the end customer's construction site without delay and on schedule.