Road Freight

Our road freight service ensures reliable and on-time deliveries within one country or across European borders. We arrange Less Than Truck Loads (LTL) or Full Truck Loads (FTL) as seamless direct service from loading to the unloading station.

Best Option for Short Distances

For domestic transports, road freight is generally the most efficient way to get your goods from A to B. Enjoy fast loading and unloading plus easy rerouting for maximum flexibility.

Available at Short Notice

Road freight has short lead times, since you don't depend on ship departures or flight schedules. It's also available at short notice. Combine road freight with other transport modes to easily react to delays or re-bookings.

Short-Notice Capacity & Route

If you have fewer or more goods than expected, we can easily modify the road freight capacity. We can transport partial loads, loads under controlled temperature or refrigeration, dangerous goods, or even sensitive goods. Road freight is also perfect for short distances that can include cross-border transport.

Door-to-Door Safety

Minimise the risk of theft by loading a truck at one door and dropping the cargo off directly at the other door. Transport goods under customs seal for extra security. Since trucks don’t depend on ship departures, you can plan easily around any security concerns.

Your Options

Full Truck Load (FTL)

With door-to-door service, you get a dedicated truck for your load: It gets picked up at the shipper’s address or a rail terminal and is transported directly to the receiver without goods handling or storage. This is the fastest trucking option available and saves time with easy handling and reduced waiting times during loading and unloading.

Less Truck Load (LTL)

When a load doesn’t completely use the cargo space, the remaining space is used for other partial loads. They are separated at the destination and delivered to the receiver. This makes sense for smaller shipments or loads, as we can more efficiently distribute them.

Intermodal Transport

Combine different transport modes with ease: We use standard cargo units—such as containers—to quickly move units across different modes of transport. If you’re looking for door-to-door delivery, it almost always requires road freight.

Dedicated Truck & Express Service

If necessary we can order a dedicated truck for your special shipment and bring goods directly from A to B. This service is available even at short notice and guarantees the morst reliable delivery timeframe.

The IFB Advantage

Customs Clearance

IFB offers customs declaration and fiscal customs clearance support to help you navigate complex and ever-changing import and export regulations.

More About Customs Clearance

Experienced Personnel

We’re proud of our personalised service: Many colleagues have been working at IFB for decades and can offer you customised, non-standard solutions—around the globe and at scale.

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