Rail Freight

If you need faster turnaround times than with sea freight, but don't require the speed of air freight, then shipping by rail is the perfect compromise.

Steady, Safe, Affordable

Our rail service handles anything from high volumes to LCL shipments. Most IFB offices are near major rail hubs, and we offer various routings and daily departures. Since we deal directly with rail operators instead of third parties, we offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

Your Options

Full Container Load (FCL)

Perfect for goods that fill an entire container or more. With a dedicated container, you get maximum flexibility in routing and fast onward transport at the target location.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Ideal for shipments that don’t fill an entire container or can be efficiently distributed among multiple loads. The total cost is calculated based on the space each load takes. IFB has consolidated containers with weekly departures from Asia.

More About LCL

Shippers & Buyers Consolidation

Whatever requirements you have, we can arrange consolidation/distribution at origin or destination to provide the best transport solution.

Rail for Short Distances

For certain short distances, Rail Freight is a cheaper and faster option than Sea Freight. If you’re planning to move goods for a short distance only (e.g. within Europe), Rail freight offers a wide flexibility and competitive rates.Your local IFB experts can help you choose the right freight type for your goods.

How We Can Support You

Frequent Departures from China

Our contracts have been signed directly with Chinese rail operators, offering the quickest turnaround times in the industry. We ship in a timeframe of approx. 18-22 days from a terminal in China to a terminal in Europe.

Direct Transport to Europe

We ship to several big European cities via rail, efficiently linking Asia and Europe over land.

Door-to-Door Service

Get your goods transported directly from the factory to the recipient, using seamless multi-modal transport.

Intermodal Transport

Combine different transport modes with ease: We use standard cargo units—such as containers—to quickly move units across different modes of transport. If you’re looking for door-to-door delivery, it almost always requires road freight.

The IFB Advantage

Customs Clearance

IFB offers customs declaration and/or fiscal customs clearance support to help you navigate complex and ever-changing import and export regulations.

More About Customs Clearance

Offices Near Rail Routes

Many IFB offices are located close to the most important rail routes, ensuring direct connections and a close relationship with rail operators.

Train rapidly driving past a railway track.

Fixed Space Capacity

We have fixed capacities with several rail freight operators. Because of that, we’re able to provide cargo space for our customers even in busy times.

Shipping containers stacked in a port.

Get Your Goods on Track

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