IFB International Freightbridge Ltd. is a privately owned freight forwarding and logistics company, founded in 1980 in Hong Kong by Mr. G. P. H. Glaser, who is the chairman and controlling shareholder of the IFB Group.

Company Timeline

The focus for IFB was from the start shipments from Hong Kong/China and South-East Asia to Europe and Latin America and vice-versa; by sea, by air and by land. By expanding our local offices and trusted network of partners, we cover most areas around the world today.
About IFB

“Our founding principle was to gain an intimate and deep knowledge of the local markets and products we offer, in order to become specialists that can meet our customers’ needs.”

G. P. H. Glaser – Founding Chairman

As a family-owned business, we focus on creating and nurturing sustainable relationships with our customers, partners and employees.

Since the beginning, IFB has grown together with our customers, and slowly expanded our geographical footprint and product offering. For example, in 2009 we established a Latin America trade lane department in Hong Kong to coordinate and develop shipments from China/Hong Kong and South East Asia to Latin America and all South American countries.

Today we are one of the main players in the Asia/China and Mexico market, and through our long-term agent network, which was built thoroughly over the last four decades, we can meet our customers’ freight needs no matter where from and to in the world.

The logistics industry has become increasingly complex, but with local expertise and strong customer service at its core, IFB is well-positioned to continue to meet the customer demands of the future.

Some of our important activities in Europe, South East Asia and in China are now in logistics and “just in time” distribution for importers, wholesalers, European-wide retailing groups and E-commerce traders.

We operate several own warehouses, and offer services such as sampling, commissioning, repairing, repacking, quality control, label-scanning, banking and documentation.

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