Out Of Gauge (OOG)

Oversized cargo that exceeds standard dimensions is called "Out Of Gauge". Typical cargoes are construction machinery, generators and oversized machinery parts. Despite the oversize, they can be shipped by conventional container shipping. However, there are special surcharges that are already included in the freight rate. In addition, special containers are needed that either lack one or more container walls or do not have standard dimensions either:

  • Flat rack containers: These containers only have end walls, but no side walls or a roof.

  • Open-top containers: If they have a cover at all, it is a tarpaulin. The rest of the container walls are present.

  • Platform containers: They are open on all sides as well as at the top and only have a base plate.

Incidentally, these special containers are also used when exceptionally heavy goods are to be transported. Conventional loading and unloading by means of a forklift truck or pallet truck is not possible, so a crane is used at the loading and unloading points. To be able to reach the goods, the container must be open at the top. Accordingly, these containers must be at the very top of the ship, as no other containers can be stacked on top of them. Here, too, additional charges are incurred due to the increased effort.