Luxury Store Openings in Asia and Australia

Close coordination, fast response times and a high degree of flexibility are characteristic of the nearly 20 store openings that IFB Malaysia has managed for a major customer in the luxury segment.

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Founded in the early 1960s, this luxury company has been revolutionising the fashion industry ever since. The products range from haute couture to everyday clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Sales take place online and in stationary retail. In 2005, the luxury retailer plans to expand its business in Asia and Australia. The production of goods in Taiwan and Bangladesh was to be followed by delivery to the new store locations. The challenge was the sometimes unreliable availability of goods, which required alternative shipping methods, and the fixed budget. The company's expansion into a previously largely unknown territory also required local expertise and professional advice on local partners and applicable regulations.

In Wendy Choy, Managing Director of IFB Malaysia, our client found a competent contact person who was available for all issues related to the shop openings and provided holistic support. "As soon as a new shop is to be opened in Asia, I receive the summary of the batches and the opening schedule. Based on that, I create the transport plan" explains Wendy Choy. She has to be very flexible, as the schedules sometimes differ from the actual availability of goods and therefore the planned shipping methods are not always feasible. The business is fast-moving and the schedule tight, so quick reactions and close coordination between the parties are required.

In the past, IFB Malaysia has handled 18 branch openings in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan. Numerous other branches in Hong Kong, Japan, China and Korea have been refurbished since the beginning of the cooperation. Over time, both parties have become familiar with each other and optimised the processes, so that in some cases there are only 2 months between order and delivery.

We appreciate the professional advice and the quick response we receive from IFB. Even after years of working together, the level of commitment is still as high as on the first day.

Head of Store Openings for the Luxury Brand

Wendy Choy adds "From quotation to execution to summary, everything is in my hands. This means that I am involved in all processes and can react immediately if problems arise somewhere in the supply chain." In some countries, Wendy is also responsible for customs clearance and in others she acts as an interface between the local broker, who takes care of customs formalities, and the client. Working closely together, all formalities including descriptions, HS codes and trade exceptions are processed. In case of any delays and cargo damage, the Malaysian office acts immediately to minimise the damage to the customer and provide suitable alternatives.