IFB Poland X Polish Amp Football National Team

IFP Poland has been the logistics partner of the Amp Football Team for over 5 years.

  • IFB Poland

For more than five years, IFB Poland has been a partner of an extraordinary sports team, the Polish national team in AMP Futbol. AMP Futbol is a football competition for amputees. The national team has many international successes to its credit, but in this sport the greatest victory of any athlete is the moment when he decides to overcome his own limitations and wants to feel the spirit of the sport regardless of all adversities.

The support of this team, together with its football school "Futbolowa Banda Warszawa" for children with various disabilities, is a source of great pride and emotion for IFB Poland, which grows deeper every year. We have just renewed the contract and will continue to support Amp Futbol Polska for the next 3 years.

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