Relocation Services

IFB provides specialised teams for handling the personal belongings of professionals relocating from one place to another. with special care for safe transport and seamless unloading.

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Movement of Personal Effects Cargo

When people migrate to a different country and require all their items to be moved with them, we can handle the entire operation.


Our partners specialise in packaging items and unpacking them at the final destination to make the moving experience a true door-to-door service.

Utmost Care

Many personal items have sentimental value or are sensitive in nature. We take special care to safeguard these sensible items in transport and when we pack them.


The kinds of items that need transporting will different from case to case. Some may include large items such as refrigerators. We highlight and move such cargo’s H.S. Codes.

Time Sensitive

Since personal items need to arrive at the same time as the person we’re moving them for, timelines and proper planning are more important than ever. IFB handles time-sensitive shipments with flexibility and reliability.

Services Offered

We offer the full spectrum of relocation services, from packing, to organising approvals, proper handling, import, and export

Single Point of Contact

Our experienced personnel around the world ensures you have an individual agent available for all questions or issues.

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