New Procedure for Shipping Non-X-Ray Suitable Goods From Germany

Goods originating from Germany that are not X-Ray-capable for air transport can no longer be checked in France.

  • Air Freight
  • France
  • Germany

By September 2024, a new authorisation will be required that regulates the inspection of hermetically sealed packaging for air shipment in France. The permit must already be applied for packaging with a capacity of 5 litres or more.

From October, various packaging sizes can only be secured by X-ray. If this is not feasible due to a dark alarm, for example, air freight transport will not be possible. At the same time, this means that non-X-ray-capable goods from Germany can no longer be checked in France before being sent out into the world.

Packaging sizes with a capacity of more than 25 litres can then be checked neither by explosives detection dogs nor by X-ray. The only way to send such freight by air, especially from Germany, is to be authorised as a known consignor.

What does "known consignor" actually mean?

A known consignor is an organisation that has been approved by the aviation authorities as trustworthy and safe to ship cargo without further security checks. This approval requires strict security standards and regular checks to ensure the integrity of the cargo and minimise the risk of security incidents.

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