IFB Germany Supports Children's Hospice with Hands-On Help

Our team rolled up their sleeves and spent a day at Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke in Hamburg, engaging in various tasks and learning about the hospice's invaluable support for families.

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Our colleagues dedicated themselves to a special social project: a day of volunteering at the Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke in Hamburg. From mowing the lawn and raking leaves to painting a shed and weeding the garden, everyone pitched in and worked hand in hand.

In addition to the physical work, they learnt more about the history of the hospice and the valuable contribution it makes to the families it serves.

For our team, the day was not only a chance to give something back, but also a wonderful opportunity to grow together and strengthen our team bond. The experience inspired us and also showed us how important and fulfilling social commitment is.

A big thank you to all colleagues who took part in the day. Your commitment and willingness to get involved in such an important cause is inspiring. Also a big thank you to the children's hospice for the opportunity to be part of this valuable project.

This experience moved everyone deeply and emphasised the importance of this project. So many staff and volunteers are committed to creating a safe haven for the young people and their families, providing them with relief in their situation. It's wonderful to see what has been organised there and that we were able to make a small contribution with our efforts.

Anke Boettcher, IFB Volunteer on Site

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